Post-Accelerator Network

The network you build should not die after 12 weeks. We want to keep the network going, and connect all of us, in one place: a Founders' Community.

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Apply to join 150 other Founders from 13 different accelerators.

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We bring together founders, like ourselves, who have completed an accelerator, to expand your network and possibilities beyond your cohort. Meet fellow founders from YC, Antler, Techstars, Entrepreneur First, and more…


Keep the dream alive: find the next big thing: whether that is a new role, a new project, or the next billion-dollar company.


Connect with others: find the founder you were looking for, a future hire, or get that intro to an investor.


Build your network beyond your cohort: Have great convos, meet others cross-accelerators and keep growing your network.

We're all part of the 1%. Make use of it.

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Why A Post-Accelerator Network?

300+ individuals go through accelerators in London every year. They still retain the ambition and skills to start companies, projects, products, but no longer have the facilities and support to do so. We introduce them to each other to keep the dream alive, and build more value for everyone.

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We want to build a network of talented individuals with the desire to succeed and enable them to meet each other. The talent has already been filtered, the process has already been explained, we’re just pointing them at each other.

Who? Exclusively people that have been through an accelerator in London.

Why? To keep the dream alive. To find opportunities. To meet great people.

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Built in London by Ilai Szpiezak, Tom Noble, and Naomi Finkelstein.